We emphasize the real life scenarios over the theoretical. Our trainers and facilitators have all held leadership positions in business and corporate world and so, have a keen understanding and appreciation for the organizational bottom line. We create materials than may be used immediately back on the work.

All materials are aligned to the long-range ways and goals of your organization, to your distinctive culture, and to your standards.

We tend to guarantee coaching effectiveness through an integrated systems approach to tutorial style. We tend to link materials to organizational initiatives each past, present, and future.

We embrace creativity and constantly request new approaches to tutorial style. All learning takes place in a very balanced atmosphere of challenge, fun, excitement and introspection. Our materials are designed to actively involve participants through a good form of tutorial.

We have a tendency to work along with your organization to style follow-up ways and private accountability to confirm that newly acquired skills are strengthened long when the coaching event is over. Our sessions promote behavioral changes which might be applied immediately back on the work.

We tend to build enduring relationships with every of our shoppers by understanding and anticipating your desires. We tend to work as a team together with your employees to style and implement materials which will build a positive and lasting impact on your organization.

Corporate Strategy

A straightforward and clearly defined strategy guides BOLT India actions, Referred to as Circle the Globe – Circle the Customer.

Circle the Globe – Circle the Customer clearly manifests itself in all of BOLT India Core Business. For example we have demonstrated our expertise in the demanding market by security systems, integrated IT solutions and corporate trainings, the best available Services at the best available cost. Furthermore, these services are then help to grow to most of our customers. We offer our customers the benefits of one global partner that features a full line of outstanding services. Simply put Circle the Globe – Circle the Customer translates into an effective strategy to add new services to solve a broadening array of customer expectations and challenges. Executing this strategy enhances the company’s ability to help customers achieve a better level of service.

Clearly, this strategy enables us to fulfill our mission of providing premium results. And just as the strategy benefits customers with multiple solutions to not only meet but also exceed their requirements; it provides excellent long-term opportunities for us to continue our legacy of growth.

Culture Statement

Our Culture statement can ascertain the prevailing culture in the Company.


BOLT India is the company’s heart and soul. Hungry to succeed and passionate to achieve, we embrace the unknown, fearlessly taking risks, confident in our ability to deliver results. We are eager and ambitious. We tenaciously persevere, surmounting obstacles with grit and determination. Above all, we find joy in our work, and in serving the company and our customers.


Exceptional services. We delight in presenting premium quality in all we offer no matter how big the project, or how small the request; we strive for excellence in our response, for we relish perfection. We cherish our company, and represent it with honor.


Ambitious and aggressive, driven and determined, enthusiastic and energetic, we cultivate the opportunity to compete. We thrive on challenges, viewing them as an invitation to success. A true team, we work together to routinely please our customers, surpasses our record achievements, and drives our organization to greater success.


Like a family, we are united by an unspoken pledge, bound by our convictions. We pride dedication, and are moved to help each other and our customers. We accept nothing less than loyalty in our ranks. We are true to each other and to our cause.


We wholeheartedly believe in our company; its goals and objectives are our mission, and we enthusiastically embrace them and relentlessly pursue them. More importantly, we truly believe in each other, care, protect and support each other.


Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy, Honest. Our corporate integrity is a critical asset and we are committed to upholding it worldwide. We set high standards, and we abide by them as we practice business fairly and behave ethically. We share our expectations with each other and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.